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International Bacon Day

30 August 2018

International Bacon Day

30 August 2018

Its SunPork’s favourite day of the year – NATIONAL BACON DAY! To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of our favourite bacon recipes of all time! Check them out below!international bacon day

Coming in at number 5 – the classic BLT. How can you beat a good Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato sanga? Especially when it’s been drizzled with garlic aioli and caramelised onion relish – YUMMO

ultimate blt

Our 4th favourite way to use Bacon – Bacon wrapped Brats! A classic bratwurst is a hard snag to turn down, especially when its wrapped in Bacon, stuffed in a roll and covered with sauerkraut, pickles and mustard! Guten’ my belly!

bacon wrapped bratwurst

 Number 3 has us all drooling – Nutella & Bacon Stuffed French Toast. Do we need to say anything more?

bacon & nutella french toast

2nd place goes to our Southern Fried Bacon Recipe – Thick Cut bacon coated in a Crispy Southern Style batter! A perfect snack to share with friends!

KFC bacon

And our favourite recipe of all time….. Chocolate coated bacon!  Crispy skewered bacon dipped in creamy melted chocolate! The perfect balance of sweet and salty! GET IN MY BELLY!

chocolate covered bacon

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