'Taking Pork to New Heights': what our guests had to say

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Almost a month since our 'Taking Pork to New Heights' dinner, more reviews and general reflections of the night have made their way onto the web courtesy of those who attended.

We've listed some of the standout write-ups below. Once again, we'd like to thank all of those who attended and helped make the night one to remember.


Nessy Eater

Nessy Eater, aka Vanny Tang, recently published a fantastic write-up about our 'Taking Pork to New Heights' dinner. If you've got some spare time, we highly recommend checking it out. It's full of great shots, as well.

sunpork-nessy-eaterJust one of many fantastic shots by Nessy Eater.

More about Nessy Eater: "Nessy Eater is an online Sydney Food Blogger who shares her life as an eater enthusiast who has a constant HUNGER and OBSESSION for FOOD, true story … Nessy Eater’s stomach doesn’t discriminate any food or products whatsoever before eating. All Nessy Eater aims to do is take it to the next level, share with you her insights to her adventures and things that arouse her appetite."


Aussie Mum Network

If you'd like to know how some of the delicious meals from the night were made, then Aussie Mum Network has got you covered. They focused on two particular recipes, including a delicious pasta dish and a mushroom risotto.



More about the Aussie Mum Network: "Aussie Mum Network looks for the best of the creative arts, exciting destinations, practical and delicious recipes, innovative ways to do more with less, inspiring individuals, and stories from real mums. We value authenticity, enjoyment in the everyday and pioneering ideas that streamline our busy lives."


The Food Diary

Sydney dining blog The Food Diary also put together a wonderful write-up about the 'Taking Pork to New Heights' event, covering our range of products and the delicious dishes that were created by Head Chef at 360 Bar & Dining Ashley Hughes on the night. You can read the write-up here.

food-diary-sunpork-photoOne of The Food Diary's photos from the night.

More about The Food Diary: "The Food Diary is a regularly updated Australian based food blog with a focus on the Sydney dining and restaurant scene."

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