Wheres does SunPork's range come from?

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Pork is a versatile meat, which is both delicious and a rich source of protein and iron.

As our name shows, we’re passionate about pork, and this passion is passed on to our range of high quality pork products, both available for retail and the hospitality industry.


Our pork range

SunPork proudly offers two pork ranges to consumers throughout Australia, the Seven Mile Premium Pork range and Barkers Creek Pork.

Our Seven Mile Premium Pork range is sold in Woolworths stores throughout Queensland, as well as leading independent supermarkets in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Our Barkers Creek Pork range are developed specifically for the hospitality, so you will be more likely to enjoy these cuts in pubs, clubs and restaurants throughout Australia. The Barkers Creek range started in 2004.



Where our pork comes from

Both of our high quality pork ranges are sourced from the rural farming regions of the Darling Downs and Burnett in Queensland by our very own Aussie farmers. Our pigs our grain-fed, clean, and well looked after, which allows us to provide both consumers and the hospitality industry with some of the freshest, tastiest and most tender pork around.

To help ensure that all cuts of Barker Creek Pork are served to customers with absolute tenderness, the range is moisture-induced. So no matter how long the pork is cooked for, all cuts remain tender and juicy.

If you have any questions about our range of pork products, contact us.

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