3 Quick, Simple and Tasty Dinner Ideas - Ready in Under 10 Minutes!

We have recently changed our packaging to allow for the easy opening of our steaks range - making dinner even faster in under 10 minutes. In this post we celebrate our Sunpork pork steak range and recommend some simple sides to pair with your favourite SunPork products.

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Chef Spotlight: Julie Goodwin

In 2009, life changed Julie Goodwin when she won the first-ever season of Masterchef Australia, defeating runner-up Poh Ling Yeow (view her Chef Spotlight here).

Since her win, the mother of three has gone on to a successful career comprising cooking shows, cook books and even the release of a Christmas album that reflected her other passion: singing.

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Introducing Sunpork's Pork Roast in Chinese BBQ Sauce

Imagine creating a traditional Chinese pork dish at home without the fuss, but with all the flavour! Sunpork Fresh Foods have the perfect solution with their new Pork Roast in Chinese BBQ Sauce arriving in the fresh meat section of Woolworth’s stores now! 

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Chef Spotlight: Poh Ling Yeow

In this instalment of 'Chef Spotlight', we turn our attention to Malaysian-born Australian chef Poh Ling Yeow, who has had an interesting career when it comes to not just the world of cooking, but other creative fields of expertise.

Poh's skills extend far beyond her ability to create outstanding meals, which she proved by becoming the runner-up of the first season of Network Ten's Masterchef Australia. Prior (and since) her move into the cooking world, she's also held several other creatively-driven jobs such as makeup artist, model, and actress.

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Chef spotlight: Donna Hay

Donna Hay has been an institution in Australia's culinary world for years.

At the age of eight, Donna's love affair with food began. With a key focus on creating simple, healthy and delicious dishes, she began her career as a food writer and stylist at 19. Her drive and talent led to her being appointed as food editor of Marie Claire at 25 (this was followed shortly by her becoming food editor of Marie Claire Lifestyle, too).

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Chef spotlight: Heston Blumenthal

If you've been watching Masterchef Australia, then you've no doubt witnessed the way in which the remaining contestants went into hysterics over the arrival of acclaimed and award-winning chef Heston Blumenthal.

While reality TV does come with its fair share of crazy reactions, Heston Blumenthal is one of those chefs where you can certainly appreciate the craze. Regardless of whether you're personally a fan of his style or not, it's hard to deny that Heston has played a key role in revolutionising what is possible - and expected - of chefs.

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day is here

This time last month, we wrote about how celebrated chef Jamie Oliver was asking for people to sign a petition via Change.org that he would present to call on the leaders and governments in all G20 countries to introduce compulsory food education in schools as part of the curriculum as a drive to improve food policies and ultimately improve public for current and future generations.

Now, one month on, his petition for Food Revolution Day (which is today, 15 May) has amassed more than 1 million signatures and is still growing. But along with the petition, those who support Jamie's cause have been encouraged to cook healthy meals, become ambassadors, or simply teach about healthy food choices at school.

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Looking after pigs in autumn and winter

During autumn and winter, the cooler weather does have some influence on pigs, particularly in terms of their appetite.

For farmers, this means they need to account for the evolutionary instincts pigs possess. These instincts can lead to a shift in the balance of metabolic hormones in pigs during the colder months, as their bodies promote intake and an increase in fat deposition (aka they're energy reserves). While this doesn't occur with all pigs, it still occurs enough for farmers to be prepared to make some possible dietary adjustments, especially as there can be a rise in backfat levels.

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Pulled Pork Guinness World Record Set

Australian Pork Limited as part of celebrations for PorkFest have set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest Serving of Pulled Pork.

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

With obesity rising globally, the internationally renowned chef Jamie Oliver is calling upon the use of social media to encourage people to sign a global petition to introduce compulsory food education into schools.

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