The rise of farm-to-table establishments

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Over the past several years, the movement of farm-to-table restaurants and eateries has grown exponentially.

As the name denotes, farm-to-table refers to any restaurant that serves food and produce that they bought directly from the farmer. It can also refer to a restaurant that is owned by a farming group/family and they're serving their produce directly. Farm-to-table establishments are typically famed for the freshness and organic nature of their produce. A looser definition relates to farmer markets or stores where the produce was also directly purchased from a specific farm/farmer.


Farm-to-table establishments

There is no one key cause to farm-to-table establishments reaching the heights they have in recent years. As with any scene, there are a variety of reasons. That said, a few do stand out above others when considering why these types of places have gone from strength to strength.


One of the most notable reasons for the success of farm-to-table is freshness. By using produce purchased directly from the farmer (often a local farmer, too), restaurants and eateries can guarantee greater freshness to their customers. General changes in attitude and what people expect for their money, fresher meats, fruits, and vegetables have become more and more appealing. While certain farm-to-table places have been opened for decades, it's in the past few years where their appeal has really taken off.

The desire for organic goods

In a similar vein, resistance against genetically modified foods has driven many to seek eateries and marketplaces where the produce served has all been grown/matured organically. General concerns around what goes in to genetically modified foodstuff makes organic options far more appealing, and most farm-to-table establishments are famed for only serving organic goods.


With the global competition and domestic challenges farmers can face, many find farm-to-table establishments to be a great way of supporting local farmers. Whether buying and consuming at the farms themselves or via an eatery/market that deals directly with farmers, these establishments do help drive more profit to Aussie farmers.


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