3 Quick Tips for Hot Summer Nights with Sunpork Shredded Chicken

Looking for some mid-week meal inspiration? Here are a few simple ideas using Sunpork’s Shredded Chicken!

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3 Quick Tips for Hot Summer Nights with Sunpork Shredded Pork

Dinner is ready in minutes with Sunpork’s range of shredded meat products. Try some of these quick tips for simple meal solutions and see how many ways you can use Sunpork’s shredded Pork, Beef or Chicken to whip up tasty meals – fast!

First up, quick tips for Shredded Pork!

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Sunpork Shredded Beef Chilli Con Carne

Whip up a classic Chilli in half the time with Sunpork’s Shredded Beef! This recipe will serve 4 very hungry people, but let’s face it – who doesn’t love leftover chilli for lunch? This is a great base for experimentation, so you can always add extra chilli if you like it hot, or toss through a few extra vegetables for something different.  

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Valentine's Day made easy with Sunpork

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, and what better way to celebrate than with a romantic, home-cooked candle lit dinner? This might sound a little daunting at first – but with Sunpork’s seriously tender range of succulent Pork steaks – you can create a fantastic meal that looks restaurant quality, without any of the fuss!

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Sunpork Shredded Beef San Choy Bow


Recipe adapted from: www.bestrecipes.com.au; image source


Make the most of this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations with this quick and easy recipe the whole family will love.

San Choy Bow is always a favourite dish when dining at a Chinese restaurant, but you don’t have to head out to delight in this delicious combination of fresh, crispy lettuce, fragrant beef and crunchy water chestnuts.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with delicious Chinese BBQ Pork Baguettes

Eating pork during Chinese New Year isn’t just about how delicious it may taste as part of your celebratory feast. Pigs are known to root ahead as they eat, as opposed to the backwards scratching of chickens and turkeys, and so are considered a symbol of progress in Chinese culture. Pork in Chinese culture also symbolises strength, wealth and abundant blessings.

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How to Care for your Christmas Ham

The enduring tradition of the Christmas ham is such a wonderful part of the festive season, and we all know that Christmas just isn’t complete without it! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you pick the right ham and store it correctly so you can keep your ham fresh and tasty and ready to enjoy in the coming weeks.

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3 pork snacks you can enjoy this Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup is almost here for another year, and many of us will be out celebrating. If you happen to be holding a party at yours on the day, good food is an absolute must. More importantly, delicious food that you can put together quickly is always an ideal option.

To help you out, we've listed three of our numerous delicious Sunpork recipes that have been put up throughout 2015. These are perfect, simple dishes that you can prepare and have ready to serve at your Melbourne Cup party.

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Did you know? Fun BBQ facts

When you live in Australia, it's hard to avoid barbecues - especially during the sunnier months.

While they may be commonplace, BBQs also have an interesting history - both in terms of the origins of "barbecue" itself and how these BBQs actually helped speed along human evolution. In today's blog, we look at these facts, as well as a couple of other interesting tidbits to do with world of BBQs.

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Chef Spotlight: Julie Goodwin

In 2009, life changed Julie Goodwin when she won the first-ever season of Masterchef Australia, defeating runner-up Poh Ling Yeow (view her Chef Spotlight here).

Since her win, the mother of three has gone on to a successful career comprising cooking shows, cook books and even the release of a Christmas album that reflected her other passion: singing.

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