Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day is here

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2015, 3:47:22 PM / by SunPork Fresh Foods


This time last month, we wrote about how celebrated chef Jamie Oliver was asking for people to sign a petition via Change.org that he would present to call on the leaders and governments in all G20 countries to introduce compulsory food education in schools as part of the curriculum as a drive to improve food policies and ultimately improve public for current and future generations.

Now, one month on, his petition for Food Revolution Day (which is today, 15 May) has amassed more than 1 million signatures and is still growing. But along with the petition, those who support Jamie's cause have been encouraged to cook healthy meals, become ambassadors, or simply teach about healthy food choices at school.

The most recent big step as part of the campaign has been the star-studded 'Food Revolution Day' song, which you can view below.

While the more cynical have been dismissive of Jamie Oliver's recent efforts, his petition and overall campaign could have some fantastic outcomes if all - or even if a few - of the G20 countries put his requests into action. Obesity is a serious problem the world over, with more 7 million Australians overweight or obese.

While 15 May may be drawing to a close in Australia, people from 196 countries have signed the petition to show their support for Jamie Oliver's campaign - and many of them are just welcoming (or still to welcome) 15 May now. For Australians, there's still time for us to embrace the spirit of Food Revolution Day, and many of the lessons from it can and should be incorporated in our normal day-to-day lives.


Current petition numbers (as of writing):

  • 1,167,344 signatures
  • 196 countries supporting

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