Healthy Eating for Kids 2015: why pork matters

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It's a sobering statistic, but Australia has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. While more recent statistics no longer have us listed as the fattest country in the world (in fact, we no longer appear in the top 10), the issue of obesity does continue to present numerous health risks.

For children growing up in this day and age, the abundance of fast food restaurants, plentiful sweets and the emerging trend of comfort food that, while tasty, is better enjoyed on special occasions, there are numerous ways in which the food they eat could lead to weight issues. These issues become particularly problematic when a child goes from being overweight to becoming obese.


Healthy Eating for Kids 2015

The key to your kids staying healthy comes down to educating them on the risks that excessive and unhealthy eating can lead to. In conjunction with, SunPork believes that the best way to educate children is to show them that the common misconception that healthy food doesn't taste good simply is not true. In fact, the best tasting meals come from those packed with fresh ingredients; be it meats, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Pork, for instance, comes with a host of positive health benefits. Even if enjoyed simply in a sandwich, pork contains things such as protein (to build muscles and protect against disease), iron (the building of red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body), Magnesium (strong bones and regular heart beat), Zinc (cell growth and effective wound healing), Vitamin B12 (helps red blood cell growth and releases more energy from food), Vitamin B6 (helps break down protein, carbohydrates, and fats), and more.

Pork is great for helping kids maintain energy levels so that they can be more active and alert for longer, which is great both for when they're handling schoolwork and for when they're being physically active with sports or simply out and about. Remember to portion servings appropriately and combine the pork with fresh vegetables. If your children aren't fans of classic pork meals, then why not use SunPork Shredded Pork to make rolls, tacos, pizzas or pastas featuring this delicious and healthy meat?

We're honoured to be lending our support to the 'Healthy Eating for Kids 2015' initiative. To find out more about this endeavour, click here.

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