Food trends of 2015

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 9, 2015, 11:00:00 AM / by SunPork Fresh Foods


Food. We all love it. And, of course, we all need it.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the range of food evolve in a number of exciting ways, and something tells us 2015 will be no different. While we may be into the fourth month of the year, it’s always worth discussing what could be waiting for us in the culinary world.

Comfort food

In recent years, comfort food has exploded in popularity in Australia. While it’s always existed in some form, the increased prevalence of American and Canadian-themed eateries has brought with it an increase in different styles of comfort food. From Canada’s Poutine (a dish comprised of hot chips, gravy and cheese curds) to America’s love of pulled pork, the abundance of items that qualify as comfort food have grown substantially. In 2015, this looks set only to continue further as more and more forms of comfort food from around the world make their mark in Australia.


Burger evolution

Burgers have been around for decades, if not centuries (the first burger was believed to have been made in the 1880s), and 2015 could be when experimentation with burgers reach new heights. While burgers have been going through some notable revisions over the past few years, it doesn’t mean that this movement is anywhere near over.

The above mentioned pulled pork has become a staple in Australia, especially in burger/sandwich form, but five years ago barely anyone in Australia knew what pulled pork was. Other influences such as Japan’s Mos Burger have helped popularise burgers that use rice as opposed to bread as the buns. But in 2015, it may be the continued rise of gourmet burgers and burgers that essentially contain the ingredients of a typical dinner meal that will be the biggest leaps forward in burger evolution.


An abundance of oils

Olive oil tends to be the most popular among restaurateurs and food aficionados, but this classic could face some stiff competition in 2015. Newer arrivals include avocado, pumpkin seed, coconut, and mustard oil; all of which promise to bring a new world of flavours to meals. We can’t exactly imagine olive oil magically fading into obscurity, but the expanded range of available cooking oils is certainly welcome.


Going ridiculous

Along with bigger servings of comfort food and the expanding notion of what a burger can be, there’s also that area of the culinary world that many may overlook - but it most certainly still happens. These days, different fast food joints, restaurants, and eateries are looking at ways to step up their game in terms of ‘ridiculous’ meals. Some of these may manifest in the form of an eating challenge (e.g. eat a 2 kg in 30 minutes) to creations that no one really ever asked for (e.g. KFC Philippines’’ Double Down Hot Dog - a hot dog with chicken as the bun).

Whether these outlandish food challenges or creations are necessarily good for us is beyond the point. It’s all about seeing how far a food concept can be taken. All we can say is that as long as you eat in moderation and don’t make overly unhealthy meals the norm, you should be okay. Though going for a run may help burn off all those extra calories.