The food of the Brisbane Festival

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If you live in Brisbane (or its surrounds), then you're likely aware of the fact that the annual Brisbane Festival has kicked off for another year.

As a 3-week celebration of the city, its culture, arts, music, food and more, it's a great time for locals and visitors to get involved and see what the city has to offer. One particular area of note is the Cultural Forecourt in South Bank where a festival-long event, Arcadia, takes place.

Throughout the entirety of the Brisbane Festival, a wealth of food trucks call Arcadia home, offering attendees a delicious mix of food from all over the world.


What is Arcadia?

Arcadia comprises a mix of free and paid entertainment, with a host of (the aforementioned) food trucks, bars, 3D chalk art, music, and two tents with regular showings of Club Swizzle and Fear and Delight (you must purchase tickets to see these two shows).


Food and the Brisbane Festival

The food trucks making an appearance at Arcadia vary depending on when you visit, but a basic rundown is provided in the table below.


Briz Woodfired Pizza 4 to 26 September 
Choc Komberry Co. 4 to 26 September
Ciao Bella 4 to 26 September 
Concoctions Kerb Side 18 September
Fiery Deli 5 & 6 September
Gluten Off Gluten-Free Donuts 4 to 26 September 
Grill'd 12 to 18 September
Juan More Taco 20 to 25 September 
Little Back 11 & 12 September
Sate House 19 to 25 September
Taste of Treasury 4 to 26 September
The Bone Lorry 22 to 25 September
Zen Tapas 4 to 26 September


Along with the above food trucks, other Brisbane Festival events include certain food-driven experiences. For example, if you're interested in checking out Fear and Delight, there are limited tickets that also allow you to take part in 'The Devil's Banquet', which includes gastronomic food and artisan wines (as well as a few other surprises). 

If you head to the Theatre Republic at QUT (starting 8 September), it features a garden bar with drinks and delicious meals/treats from artisan food makers. All food is curated by the Wandering Cooks.

And don't forget that even if you head out from the happenings of the Brisbane Festival, the city is full of delicious food hotspots.


Will you be heading out to the Brisbane Festival this year? Let us know in the comments below.


* Image source: Elephas_a / Flicker, used under Creative Commons 2.0

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