Chef Spotlight: Poh Ling Yeow

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In this instalment of 'Chef Spotlight', we turn our attention to Malaysian-born Australian chef Poh Ling Yeow, who has had an interesting career when it comes to not just the world of cooking, but other creative fields of expertise.

Poh's skills extend far beyond her ability to create outstanding meals, which she proved by becoming the runner-up of the first season of Network Ten's Masterchef Australia. Prior (and since) her move into the cooking world, she's also held several other creatively-driven jobs such as makeup artist, model, and actress.


Poh's cooking career

While many associate Poh's first appearance cooking to Masterchef Australia, her first appearance on TV was actually back in 2005 on ABC's Beat the Chef. She was on the show twice, once in April 2005, and a second time in June 2005. Four years later, she appeared on the first season of Masterchef Australia. While she was initially eliminated from the show, she was offered a second chance when three contestants were allowed to return.

This proved serendipitous as she went on to make it into the grand final. While she ultimately lost out to Julie Goodwin, her popularity on the show opened the doors to numerous post-Masterchef opportunities.

She went on to appear in World Chef Showcase in October 2009 with Matt Preston (a judge from Masterchef Australia). But one of the most significant steps forward came courtesy of the ABC, who signed her on for her own show in late 2009: Poh's Kitchen. It premiered in 2010 and came with another deal for her to pen two books that were published for ABC Books.

Poh's Kitchen ran for three seasons and led to her being nominated for a 2011 Logie for Most Popular New Female Talent. After Poh's Kitchen, her success continued while she also focused on other work, including her art and other creative pursuits. This year, Poh has returned to TV on SBS One with the show Poh and Co. The show naturally focuses on food and a various cooking styles, but also features a more personal look at the renovation of Poh's backyard.

Along with all of this, Poh has also entered the gourmet stall game with Jamface by Poh, which features at the Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market. She also continues to show showcase her artwork via her own website, which you can check out here if you're interested.


Poh's pork recipes

Poh make a whole range of fantastic dishes, including a wealth of tasty meals based around pork. Given her time on TV and how active she's been within the industry of cooking - both behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera - there are a lot of recipes to choose from, to say the least.

We strong suggest you check out the specific pork recipes that were showcased on Poh's Kitchen, as well as perusing through the wealth of recipes shown on the Poh & Co website.


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