How to Care for your Christmas Ham

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 21, 2015, 10:38:50 AM / by SunPork Fresh Foods


The enduring tradition of the Christmas ham is such a wonderful part of the festive season, and we all know that Christmas just isn’t complete without it! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you pick the right ham and store it correctly so you can keep your ham fresh and tasty and ready to enjoy in the coming weeks.


Choosing a ham

Look for the Australian Pork Symbol, and more importantly the Sunpork logo! These symbols ensure that the pigs were grown here, the product meets Australian health and quality standards, and you are supporting local farmers, not to mention you’ll be getting the tastiest ham possible!


Carving the ham

  1. Place ham skin side up then run a small, sharp knife under the rind around the bottom (opposite end to hock) and each side of the ham to about halfway up. Peel the rind back. For a ½ ham, the principle is the same – just start at the cut end.

  2. Run the tip of the knife around the bone, on the underside of the ham. Begin to slice on a slight angle down to the bone.

  3. Run your knife lengthways along the bone to remove slices. Continue to slice towards the hock.

  4. Continue slicing down to the bone, working your way around the ham until you reach about a third of the way up. Remove the bone by making a few short cuts at the joint.

  5. To keep your ham fresh, fold rind back over exposed surface.


Storing your ham

After everyone has had their fill, the ham needs to be kept in the fridge in a ham bag.

  • The trick is to store the ham so it does not dry out. Select a bag that can be sealed properly – but still allows the ham to breathe. You can purchase special ham bags that are designed for this, or just use a clean pillow case or clean tea towel!

  • Keep the bag damp by soaking in 4 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar before use.

  • Wring out excess water and place your ham in the Ham Bag.

  • Store in the coldest part of your fridge at 0-5°C.

  • The bag needs to be rinsed and re-soaked in vinegar solution every few days or when the ham bag dries out.

  • Your ham will last for up to 2 weeks in the fridge if stored properly.

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