Week 1 Entries for our #Sunpork4Dinner Instagram Competition

Our Instagram  competition is in its first week running, and already we have some strong contenders. In this post, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of these great entries.
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Sunpork Competition

Last month we held an Instagram competition to highlight some of the ways people are creating quick and easy meals using Sunpork products. The competition showcased some unique and inventive recipes from food lovers around the country.

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The Science of Slow Cooking

We all love meat that is slow cooked and tender, but honestly – we’re all busy and it’s not always easy to find the time! Sunpork’s slow cooked pork range gives you the delicious, tender meat you can only get from slow cooking – but in a fraction of the time! This range has been carefully selected, using the cuts of meat that are at their absolute best when cooked low and slow.

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3 quick tips to take great food pics for social media

Recently we held a competition that showcased some spectacular recipes and unique creations from our wonderful readers (and home chefs), as we encouraged them to post a selfie showing how they use our Sunpork products to cook at home.

This week, we thought it would be great to share some of our fantastic entries and also inspire other foodies and food bloggers with three quick tips on how to take great food photos for social media.

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3 Quick, Simple and Tasty Dinner Ideas - Ready in Under 10 Minutes!

We have recently changed our packaging to allow for the easy opening of our steaks range - making dinner even faster in under 10 minutes. In this post we celebrate our Sunpork pork steak range and recommend some simple sides to pair with your favourite SunPork products.

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The Sunday Roast

As Aussies, we all love a good pork roast, and chances are, you’re used to having a few leftovers hanging about in the fridge after the weekly family get together. In this post, we share five tasty tips for using up those bits and pieces that should never end up in the bin!

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Happy Easter from SunPork!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter long weekend from all of us at Sunpork Fresh Foods!

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For the Crispiest Crackling this Easter

Easter is just around the corner, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a traditional pork roast - and that all important crunchy crackling!

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5 tasty ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is on its way, and to celebrate we’re providing you with five simple ways to infuse your meals with some Irish charm.

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3 Quick Tips for Hot Summer Nights with Sunpork Shredded Beef

Deliciously tender, easy to digest and plate, and simple to prepare! In this post we share 3 quick tips to help you prepare fast, tasty meals with Sunpork Shredded Beef. 

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3 Quick Tips for Hot Summer Nights with Sunpork Shredded Chicken

Looking for some mid-week meal inspiration? Here are a few simple ideas using Sunpork’s Shredded Chicken!

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3 Quick Tips for Hot Summer Nights with Sunpork Shredded Pork

Dinner is ready in minutes with Sunpork’s range of shredded meat products. Try some of these quick tips for simple meal solutions and see how many ways you can use Sunpork’s shredded Pork, Beef or Chicken to whip up tasty meals – fast!

First up, quick tips for Shredded Pork!

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Sunpork Shredded Beef Chilli Con Carne

Whip up a classic Chilli in half the time with Sunpork’s Shredded Beef! This recipe will serve 4 very hungry people, but let’s face it – who doesn’t love leftover chilli for lunch? This is a great base for experimentation, so you can always add extra chilli if you like it hot, or toss through a few extra vegetables for something different.  

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Valentine's Day made easy with Sunpork

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday, and what better way to celebrate than with a romantic, home-cooked candle lit dinner? This might sound a little daunting at first – but with Sunpork’s seriously tender range of succulent Pork steaks – you can create a fantastic meal that looks restaurant quality, without any of the fuss!

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Sunpork Shredded Beef San Choy Bow


Recipe adapted from: www.bestrecipes.com.au; image source


Make the most of this year’s Chinese New Year Celebrations with this quick and easy recipe the whole family will love.

San Choy Bow is always a favourite dish when dining at a Chinese restaurant, but you don’t have to head out to delight in this delicious combination of fresh, crispy lettuce, fragrant beef and crunchy water chestnuts.

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Celebrate Chinese New Year with delicious Chinese BBQ Pork Baguettes

Eating pork during Chinese New Year isn’t just about how delicious it may taste as part of your celebratory feast. Pigs are known to root ahead as they eat, as opposed to the backwards scratching of chickens and turkeys, and so are considered a symbol of progress in Chinese culture. Pork in Chinese culture also symbolises strength, wealth and abundant blessings.

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How to Care for your Christmas Ham

The enduring tradition of the Christmas ham is such a wonderful part of the festive season, and we all know that Christmas just isn’t complete without it! We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you pick the right ham and store it correctly so you can keep your ham fresh and tasty and ready to enjoy in the coming weeks.

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3 pork snacks you can enjoy this Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup is almost here for another year, and many of us will be out celebrating. If you happen to be holding a party at yours on the day, good food is an absolute must. More importantly, delicious food that you can put together quickly is always an ideal option.

To help you out, we've listed three of our numerous delicious Sunpork recipes that have been put up throughout 2015. These are perfect, simple dishes that you can prepare and have ready to serve at your Melbourne Cup party.

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Did you know? Fun BBQ facts

When you live in Australia, it's hard to avoid barbecues - especially during the sunnier months.

While they may be commonplace, BBQs also have an interesting history - both in terms of the origins of "barbecue" itself and how these BBQs actually helped speed along human evolution. In today's blog, we look at these facts, as well as a couple of other interesting tidbits to do with world of BBQs.

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Chef Spotlight: Julie Goodwin

In 2009, life changed Julie Goodwin when she won the first-ever season of Masterchef Australia, defeating runner-up Poh Ling Yeow (view her Chef Spotlight here).

Since her win, the mother of three has gone on to a successful career comprising cooking shows, cook books and even the release of a Christmas album that reflected her other passion: singing.

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5 essential BBQ cooking tips

More and more of us will be enjoying BBQs throughout Spring and Summer, and making sure you cook the best cuts of meat (regardless of type) is always worth your time.

In this blog, we'll be taking you through five essential tips that will help ensure you serve up succulent and juicy cuts.

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Celebrate Oktoberfest with the Sunpork Kassler Chop

It’s time to break out the beer mugs, pull on your lederhosen and get ready for sizzling schnitzels with Oktoberfest just around the corner.

The month-long Oktoberfest celebration heralds another much-loved arrival: the Sunpork Kassler Chop! 

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Introducing Sunpork's Pork Roast in Chinese BBQ Sauce

Imagine creating a traditional Chinese pork dish at home without the fuss, but with all the flavour! Sunpork Fresh Foods have the perfect solution with their new Pork Roast in Chinese BBQ Sauce arriving in the fresh meat section of Woolworth’s stores now! 

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The food of the Brisbane Festival

If you live in Brisbane (or its surrounds), then you're likely aware of the fact that the annual Brisbane Festival has kicked off for another year.

As a 3-week celebration of the city, its culture, arts, music, food and more, it's a great time for locals and visitors to get involved and see what the city has to offer. One particular area of note is the Cultural Forecourt in South Bank where a festival-long event, Arcadia, takes place.

Throughout the entirety of the Brisbane Festival, a wealth of food trucks call Arcadia home, offering attendees a delicious mix of food from all over the world.

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5 Perfect Sides to Complement Sunpork's Peri Peri Schnitzel

This week, we’ve put together a few side dishes that pair perfectly with our new Sunpork Peri Peri Schnitzel. These delicious dishes help complement the mildly spicy flavour of the Peri Peri, and are a great addition for a well-balanced meal!

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Chef Spotlight: Poh Ling Yeow

In this instalment of 'Chef Spotlight', we turn our attention to Malaysian-born Australian chef Poh Ling Yeow, who has had an interesting career when it comes to not just the world of cooking, but other creative fields of expertise.

Poh's skills extend far beyond her ability to create outstanding meals, which she proved by becoming the runner-up of the first season of Network Ten's Masterchef Australia. Prior (and since) her move into the cooking world, she's also held several other creatively-driven jobs such as makeup artist, model, and actress.

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5 topping ideas for your pork parmigiana

If you live in Australia, then you've probably come across your fair share of parmigiana offerings on the menu of pubs and restaurants throughout the country.

But while we're often familiar with our well-known combination of ham, cheese and sauce (as noted below) for a parmigiana topping, it doesn't have to stop there. In today's blog, we list five different parmigiana toppings worth trying out for yourself. We suggest making them with our SunPork Pork Schnitzel range.

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Chef spotlight: Donna Hay

Donna Hay has been an institution in Australia's culinary world for years.

At the age of eight, Donna's love affair with food began. With a key focus on creating simple, healthy and delicious dishes, she began her career as a food writer and stylist at 19. Her drive and talent led to her being appointed as food editor of Marie Claire at 25 (this was followed shortly by her becoming food editor of Marie Claire Lifestyle, too).

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6 of the best food trucks around Australia

Food trucks. Over the past few years these mobile kitchens haven't just become popular, they've turned into a true mainstay of the culinary industry. To celebrate the range of food trucks available to the public, we're looking at six food trucks across six different states that all offer something unique and tasty.

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Food festivals and events you should check out

We may be halfway through the year, but there's still plenty of food festivals and events out there worth checking out.

From celebrating the birthday of Brisbane's Story Bridge to the multi-city Good Food Month, here are four of many fantastic food events taking place in the second half of 2015.

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Chef spotlight: Heston Blumenthal

If you've been watching Masterchef Australia, then you've no doubt witnessed the way in which the remaining contestants went into hysterics over the arrival of acclaimed and award-winning chef Heston Blumenthal.

While reality TV does come with its fair share of crazy reactions, Heston Blumenthal is one of those chefs where you can certainly appreciate the craze. Regardless of whether you're personally a fan of his style or not, it's hard to deny that Heston has played a key role in revolutionising what is possible - and expected - of chefs.

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day is here

This time last month, we wrote about how celebrated chef Jamie Oliver was asking for people to sign a petition via Change.org that he would present to call on the leaders and governments in all G20 countries to introduce compulsory food education in schools as part of the curriculum as a drive to improve food policies and ultimately improve public for current and future generations.

Now, one month on, his petition for Food Revolution Day (which is today, 15 May) has amassed more than 1 million signatures and is still growing. But along with the petition, those who support Jamie's cause have been encouraged to cook healthy meals, become ambassadors, or simply teach about healthy food choices at school.

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Looking after pigs in autumn and winter

During autumn and winter, the cooler weather does have some influence on pigs, particularly in terms of their appetite.

For farmers, this means they need to account for the evolutionary instincts pigs possess. These instincts can lead to a shift in the balance of metabolic hormones in pigs during the colder months, as their bodies promote intake and an increase in fat deposition (aka they're energy reserves). While this doesn't occur with all pigs, it still occurs enough for farmers to be prepared to make some possible dietary adjustments, especially as there can be a rise in backfat levels.

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Pulled Pork Guinness World Record Set

Australian Pork Limited as part of celebrations for PorkFest have set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Largest Serving of Pulled Pork.

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

With obesity rising globally, the internationally renowned chef Jamie Oliver is calling upon the use of social media to encourage people to sign a global petition to introduce compulsory food education into schools.

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Food trends of 2015

Food. We all love it. And, of course, we all need it.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the range of food evolve in a number of exciting ways, and something tells us 2015 will be no different. While we may be into the fourth month of the year, it’s always worth discussing what could be waiting for us in the culinary world.

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Masterchef Australia 2015

With Masterchef 2015 about to burst onto channel 10, there should be an abundance of cooking inspiration to tantalize the taste buds of even the most novice home chefs!

Over the coming weeks we will highlight the best of the pork recipes cooked up on the show as well as weekly recaps for all the information you missed so you can give your cooking a new lease of life.

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6 common pork myths and other food falsities

When it comes to the food world, many myths tend to abound, and pork is no exception.

In this article, we focus on a collection of both common pork myths and other general food myths/falsities that have done the rounds for many years - even for centuries.

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Healthy Eating for Kids 2015: why pork matters

It's a sobering statistic, but Australia has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. While more recent statistics no longer have us listed as the fattest country in the world (in fact, we no longer appear in the top 10), the issue of obesity does continue to present numerous health risks.

For children growing up in this day and age, the abundance of fast food restaurants, plentiful sweets and the emerging trend of comfort food that, while tasty, is better enjoyed on special occasions, there are numerous ways in which the food they eat could lead to weight issues. These issues become particularly problematic when a child goes from being overweight to becoming obese.

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The rise of farm-to-table establishments

Over the past several years, the movement of farm-to-table restaurants and eateries has grown exponentially.

As the name denotes, farm-to-table refers to any restaurant that serves food and produce that they bought directly from the farmer. It can also refer to a restaurant that is owned by a farming group/family and they're serving their produce directly. Farm-to-table establishments are typically famed for the freshness and organic nature of their produce. A looser definition relates to farmer markets or stores where the produce was also directly purchased from a specific farm/farmer.

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What defines pork's popularity in China

The other week, we discussed how pork is going from strength to strength in a global sense, but for years this delicious meat has been a mainstay in China.

Compared to any other country, pork is the key meat consumed in China. Overall, it makes up 70% of the country's overall meat market share, and demand is consistently high. In the future, this demand is likely only to increase, making China one of, if not, the biggest pork markets in the entire world. But what is it about the humble pig that is so appealing to the Chinese market? Well, it comes down to a few key factors, one of which resides in China's long history and what the pig itself symbolises for the country.

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Pork grows in popularity

For some time, beef and chicken have been two of the most popular meats on the market, particularly in Western countries. While pork has by no means ever been an unpopular option, recent trends show that pork and the pork industry at large are growing. With an increase of pork-specific meals and the rising cost of beef making pork a more affordable and appealing choice, we could see a shift where pork overtakes beef in terms of demand.

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Fresh pork vs frozen pork: what's the difference?

When it comes to any type of meat, you'll often hear a lot about the pros and cons of fresh vs frozen. Pork is no different, with arguments coming from both sides of the equation. But the real question worth asking when looking at the 'differences' between fresh pork and frozen pork is: "Are the differences noteworthy or negligible?"

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Fridge storage: achieving a longer shelf life

Whether you're storing pork, other meats, dairy products or fruits and vegetables, there are good ways and bad ways to go about doing so.

In today's blog, we take a closer look at the best practices when it comes to storing food in the fridge. A few simple adjustments can keep your food fresher for longer, ensuring nothing needlessly goes to waste.

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Wholesale pork: from us to you

At SunPork, we pride ourselves on the range of fresh, high-quality pork we produce and distribute year in and year out.

From paddock to plate, farm to processing operations, our product is under one control. With this comprehensive handling along all lines of the supply chain, we can guarantee superior quality and freshness among our pork products. So when purchasing our goods wholesale, you can rest assured you'll receive some of the highest quality pork on the market.

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The growing popularity of pulled pork in Australia

Over the past few years, pulled pork has become an increasingly popular meal in Australia.

With its simple but delicious combo of tender, pulled pieces of pork in a sweet barbecue-style sauce - often matched with coleslaw - nestled on a sandwich or burger bun, pulled pork has proved a hit with many Australians; particularly those with a love for American food.

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Wheres does SunPork's range come from?

Pork is a versatile meat, which is both delicious and a rich source of protein and iron.

As our name shows, we’re passionate about pork, and this passion is passed on to our range of high quality pork products, both available for retail and the hospitality industry.

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