5 topping ideas for your pork parmigiana

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 19, 2015, 2:54:00 PM / by SunPork Fresh Foods

If you live in Australia, then you've probably come across your fair share of parmigiana offerings on the menu of pubs and restaurants throughout the country.

But while we're often familiar with our well-known combination of ham, cheese and sauce (as noted below) for a parmigiana topping, it doesn't have to stop there. In today's blog, we list five different parmigiana toppings worth trying out for yourself. We suggest making them with our SunPork Pork Schnitzel range.



1. Australian-style

Given that the parmigiana is an Italian creation, we didn't want to denote this classic combination as actually being 'classic'. However, in regards to Australians, this is probably one of the most familiar parmigiana toppings you've come across. The classic comprises the following (in order of how they're applied to the top of a cut of schnitzel):

  • Napoletana sauce (pizza/pasta sauce)
  • A cut of ham (or rasher bacon if you prefer)
  • Mozzarella cheese

This topping can be added towards the end of cooking your parmigiana - in the oven is an ideal option to heat the topping through and melt the cheese.


2. Italian

When looking at an Italian-style parmigiana topping, it's hard to go past eggplant. While it may not be to everyone's taste, eggplant in Italian parmigianas is famed ingredient. Other ingredients are similar to those in the Australian-style, but with the ham traded out for eggplant, you'll easily get a different taste.

  • Napoletana sauce
  • Thin slices of eggplant
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Chopped oregano

Again, finishing the cooking process in the oven with the toppings applied is the best approach.


3. Hawaiian

The Hawaiian topping comprises the same ingredients of the Australian but with one addition: pineapple. Think of a Hawaiian pizza, but applied to the top of a cut of schnitzel. Of course, if you feel the combination of ham and pineapple on top of a pork schnitzel may be too much, you can simply remove the ham (and even the Napoletana sauce, if you'd prefer). We've listed the two variations below.

Variation 1

  • Napoletana sauce
  • Ham
  • Pineapple (circular slices or finely chopped)
  • Mozzarella cheese

Variation 2

  • Napoletana sauce (optional)
  • Pineapple
  • Mozzarella cheese


4. Mexican

The Mexican parmigiana topping deviates most from the above, using an entirely unique set of ingredients. Again, we've listed them in the order they should be applied.

For the cheese, ideally try and see if you can find any queso fresco cheese, which is an authentic Mexican-style cheese that will suit this topping perfectly. If unable to find this type of cheese, you can also consider paneer cheese, which is achieved through similar processes to queso fresco - check a local Indian grocer for your best chances of finding it. If unsuccessful with either of these, you can always fall back on mozzarella.

  • Salsa sauce (prepackaged is fine)
  • Red kidney beans or black beans
  • An avocado spread or guacamole (if making the avocado, you can refer to two fantastic recipes here and here)
  • Cheese


5. Final consideration - meatballs

If you want to add something a little more unexpected to your topping, why not consider meatballs? This is certainly an 'in moderation' suggestion, but it will make your parmigiana feel even more like comfort food. The best toppings to match this extra to are the Australian-style and Italian.

Just consider it a tasty, hearty extra.