3 pork snacks you can enjoy this Melbourne Cup

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 30, 2015, 2:30:07 PM / by SunPork Fresh Foods


Melbourne Cup is almost here for another year, and many of us will be out celebrating. If you happen to be holding a party at yours on the day, good food is an absolute must. More importantly, delicious food that you can put together quickly is always an ideal option.

To help you out, we've listed three of our numerous delicious Sunpork recipes that have been put up throughout 2015. These are perfect, simple dishes that you can prepare and have ready to serve at your Melbourne Cup party.


1. Pulled pork burritos

This is one of two pulled pork recipes we'll be suggesting, but let's be honest: pulled pork is kind of incredibly delicious. With our shredded pork range, cooking up Mexican-inspired burritos is an absolute breeze. And depending on how many people you're having over, you can easily cut them into smaller snack-sized portions that guarantee to packed-full of flavour.


View the recipe here.


2. Pulled pork burger

As we said, there'd be two recipes comprising pulled pork. If burritos aren't really your thing, then you can always focus on making pulled pork burgers instead. You can opt for full-sized ones or slider-sized variations, the latter of which can work really well when you've got a big gathering. Again, with our shredded pork, you'll be able to put these delicious burgers together with ease.


View the recipe here.


3. Spicy pork tacos

Last but certainly not least, we have spicy pork tacos. These delicious little snacks can be prepared in about 10 minutes - whether you go for soft or hard shell tacos is entirely up to you. Be sure to adapt the ingredients as need be depending on your number of guests or personal flavour preferences.


View the recipe here.